Things We Should Appreciate

15 Awesome things we take for granted

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Most of us take at least a few things for granted, no matter how much we appreciate what we have in our lives. Let's pause for a moment and think about some of the most awesome things that we take for granted and consider how fortunate we are.

Thing to be thankful for

8 E-mail

Before e-mail, we actually had to use the telephone (another great invention) all the time to communicate. Now, we can just fire off an e-mail in an instant to get the word out about everything from baby announcements to staff meetings.

9 Language

If you have ever been in another country without knowing the language, you are probably one of the few people that doesn't take language for granted. Sure, we could communicate through hand signals and grunts, but having a common language makes our lives so much easier.

10 Running water

Our pipes were frozen recently and I realized how much I take running water for granted. Even if you are a water snob and drink the bottled variety, you need water for cleaning, cooking, bathing and a multitude of other things each and every day.

11 Garbage collection

The sanitation department doesn't get enough love. Imagine what your life would be like without garbage collection. We have it so easy. Gather up your trash, put it on the curb and it magically disappears in the morning.

12 Thumbs

That's right -- thumbs. You don't really get how important they are until you try to spend a day not using them. Thumbs are definitely underrated and taken for granted by most people.

13 Love

Whether you are in a relationship or not, somewhere right now there is someone who loves you. It might be your mom, your BFF or even a secret admirer. Love is a powerful force that truly makes the world go 'round.

14 Imagination

Your imagination has no limits. With your imagination you can invent something, write a novel or just plan your future. Let your imagination run wild and do something creative today.

15 Freedom

Though we might complain about the government taking away some of our freedoms, we are truly blessed to have so much. We have the freedom to worship, the freedom of speech, the freedom to pursue our dreams and so many more.

More ways to be appreciative

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