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It’s no secret. Everyone has at least one guilty pleasure. Maybe you like to read romance novels from the supermarket or tabloids at the gym. Perhaps you indulge in a daily $5.00 coffee kick from your favorite grind house, or maybe you are among the many who choose to come home and watch their guilty pleasures on television.

Guilty pleasure tv shows

Television indulgences are taboo 

A guilty pleasure is something that we shouldn't like, but we still do; it's taboo, but we just can't help ourselves because it makes our life a little better and our day a little brighter. People often deny that they have a guilty pleasure at all, but we all try to conceal our favorite guilty pleasure for fear that we may have to share it with others or that we will be ridiculed because of it.

Top 10 television guilty pleasures

Dr Gina Barreca, professor of English Literature and Feminist Theory at the University of Connecticut and author of eight books, including I'm with Stupid and Perfect Husbands and Other Fairy Tales, offered us her list of the top ten guilty pleasure television shows.

1 Hoarders

"It makes me feel good about myself. I might be bad, but I'm not that bad."

2 Clean House

"Once again, it's a self-esteem enhancing experience based on witnessing the misery of others."

3 Antiques Roadshow

"Watching how people respond when asked how much they think their item is worth is absolutely priceless."

4 Jersey Shore

"Big hair and bling is a great draw."

5 Teen Mom

"I scream at the screen a lot, which is good for the lungs and soul."

6 Old movies on TCM

"In certain moods I will watch any that make me cry."

7 30 Rock

"Of course I love it."

8 That 70s Show

"There are good characters and you've got that interestingly sexy as well as smart redheaded girl, plus the clothes are ones I remember from high school."

9 Family Guy

"What's not to love about cartoons with adult humor?"

10 Judge Judy

" I grew up near Judy in Brooklyn and she was the first girl on the block to go to college. She is still my hero."

Tune in and out at the same time

Television is a pure indulgence. You are not required to talk to anyone or be responsible for anything. There is a huge selection of shows from which to choose and with modern technology, you can fast forward commercials, watching at least two recorded programs in one hour.

Some shows make you feel nostalgic for your younger days and others make you feel thankful for your own life, but they all allow you to tune in and tune out at the same time.


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