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7 Fun facts about outer space

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With the Space Shuttle Discovery's final launch still fresh in our minds, everything space related is a hot topic. Here are a few fun facts about outer space to toss around in your next cosmic conversation.

Fun Facts About Outer Space

Goodbye Moon

Due to tidal acceleration, the moon is moving away from the Earth at a rate of 3.8 centimeters per year. But don’t say your goodbyes just yet. At that rate, it will take a long time before the moon makes any headway in its path toward Venus.

No Burping Allowed

Astronauts cannot burp in outer space. No, they’re not just being polite. Because there is no gravity in outer space to separate liquids from gas in their stomachs, they cannot burp like we do on Earth. Their burps would come out "wet."

Forever Footprints

Footprints last forever on the surface of the moon. Because the moon does not have wind or water like the Earth, the footprints left by astronauts on its surface will remain unchanged for millions of years.

Space Travel

The Milky Way is traveling through space at a rate of 305 kilometers per second. It is also spinning at a rate of 225 kilometers per second. This means that we humans on Earth are shooting through space at a rate of 530 kilometers per second. Are you dizzy yet?

The Silent Cosmos

If you shouted in outer space, even the person right next to you would not be able to hear what you said. Sound travels as pressure waves through air. Because there is no air in outer space, there is also no sound. So don’t bother trying to tell your astro-buddy his fly is down, he ain’t gonna hear you.

Liquids in Outer Space

The lack of gravity in outer space combined with the inherent surface tension of liquids causes them to form into free-floating spheres. That’s why astronauts often drink water out of a straw in a tightly sealed container. Although they can suck free-floating water bubbles in the weightlessness of zero-gravity space if they want to!

Speed of Light

Believe it or not, the light that we see each morning when the sun comes up only took 8 minutes to get here. Yep, that’s even quicker than your daily commute. Booyah!

Check out this video of astronauts drinking water in zero-gravity:

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