Homeopathic Healing

Top 7 reasons to use homeopathy

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Homeopathy delivers a gentle, but powerful approach to health and wellness. By stimulating the immune system to resist infection and disease, homeopathic medicine helps bring the body back in balance naturally, without any unpleasant side effects. Discover the reasons why you should try using homeopathy to enhance your health and well-being.

Homeopathic Medicine

Natural Healing

Unlike other forms of medicine which mask the symptoms of illness, homeopathy works with the body to promote natural healing. Homeopathic medicines, when chosen properly, can stimulate the immune system to fight illness and bring the body back to a state of optimum health.

No Side Effects

Homeopathic remedies contain very small doses of plant, animal and mineral substances to stimulate the body’s vital force. Though effective and powerful, homeopathic remedies produce no toxic side effects, no drug interactions, no addiction and no symptoms of withdrawal. They are considered inherently safe for everyone including infants, children and even pregnant women.

Preventative Medicine

Homeopathy views sickness as a disturbance in the homeostasis of a human being. Rather than trying to cure separate illnesses, homeopathy works to improve the immune system and bring the body into a state of natural health and equilibrium.

Michalene Seiler, CCH, RSHom(NA) explains, “A holistic approach to medicine means that we treat the entirety of the person and that all aspects of a being are interlinked and interdependent. It also means that an organism is self-maintaining, that it has the ability to self-regulate and self-correct. We can heal from a state of imbalance to balance by encouraging this innate tendency toward homeostasis. While most medical treatments work to remove or manage a broken part, homeopathic medicines stimulate the vital force to heal itself.”

Holistic Medicine

Instead of viewing the body as individual parts, homeopathy takes a holistic view of healing. It recognizes each person’s unique biology and works to bring the entire body back into balance.


Prescription and even over-the-counter pharmaceutical medicines can put a real dent in your pocketbook. Homeopathic remedies are surprisingly inexpensive, at just a couple of dollars per remedy.

Effective for Acute and Chronic Illnesses

Homeopathy has been proven in many clinical studies to be an effective and powerful form of medicine. It can be used to treat both acute and chronic illnesses. Bernardo Merizlde, MD, DHt, past president of the American Institute of Homeopathy says, “Meta-analyses of high-quality clinical studies, the highest standard for evidence-based medicine, indicate probably efficacy of homeopathic medicines and conclude that this efficacy cannot be dismissed as merely a placebo effect. For many years, thousands of physicians have used homeopathy around the world to treat millions of patients for a variety of conditions.”

Physician Recommended

While it is often considered a form of complementary or alternative medicine here in the United States, homeopathy is the second most widely-used system of medicine in the world. If you are looking for practitioner in your community, visit the Society of Homeopaths or the American Institute of Homeopathy to find a registered homeopath in your area.

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Note: Always consult with your physician before beginning any new medical program.


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