How To Boost Your Mood And Energy

8 Ways to put yourself in a better mood

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If you wake up in the morning a little bit grumpy or find yourself feeling down later in the day, consider one of these easy ways to put yourself in a better mood.

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Wear vibrant colors

Color can actually affect your mood tremendously. Research shows that color therapy is a natural way to change your mood. So ditch your gray tee and put on a canary yellow one instead. You should also decorate your home in bright colors to feel happier or pastel colors to reduce stress. Avoid dark, drab colors that are boring and draining.

Eat the right foods

Food can affect your mood, energy level and focus. Look for foods that boost your serotonin to feel happier and more balanced. Check out these top 10 foods that lift your mood and incorporate them into your regular diet.

Crank up the tunes

If you are feeling grumpy or exhausted in the morning, crank up the music while you are getting dressed. Lively, fun music can instantaneously put you into a better mood.

Get some fresh air

The stress of work, the effects of artificial lighting and other factors can really affect your mood. At the office when you are frustrated or overwhelmed, take a few moments and get outside for some fresh air and sunshine. Even just five or 10 minutes outdoors can make a positive impact on your mood.

Take an afternoon nap

If you aren't getting enough sleep, you can find yourself cranky by the afternoon. Take a cue from your body and start going to sleep earlier. Take an afternoon nap if necessary. If you are a stay-at-home mom with little ones, nap while they nap -- the laundry can wait. You can even nap at the office. Just close your door and get some ZZZs during your afternoon break.

Read something funny

Have a favorite blogger or author that always makes you laugh? Take a break and read some of his/her musings to get you into a better mood.

Have sex

Having sex will change anyone's mood. Whether you have been fighting with your spouse or just had a horrible day at work, you can brighten your mood with a quick romp.

Compliment yourself

You are awesome but maybe no one is letting you know. Instead of waiting for compliments, compliment yourself. Stick Post-It notes with positive affirmations on your bathroom mirror or create a scrapbook that highlights all the positives in your life. Whenever you are feeling down and out, read it and realize how incredible you are.

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