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When the weather is great, take your workout routine from the gym to the outdoors. You'll get fresh air, sunshine and vitamin D while enjoying nature and getting fit. Running isn't the only outdoor workout, try these other ways to exercise outdoors this summer.



Stay cool and get a total body workout at the pool. If you have kids, they can enjoy the water while you are swimming laps.


Grab a friend and head to the tennis court. Tennis burns a lot of calories and provides a great workout for your arms, shoulders and back.


Take your family to the beach and while you are there join in a game of volleyball. Get active on the court and tone your arms, abs and legs while jumping, spiking and serving.


Go for a bike ride! It's a lot of fun and helps tone and tighten your legs and rear end. Biking is a fun outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy. You can make the workout a little tougher by biking in a hilly area.


Take a hike and get back to nature. Whether at your local park or a mountain retreat, hiking in wooded areas can be very enjoyable. Plus, you can get a fabulous leg workout.


Another fun water activity for summer can give you a terrific workout -- kayaking. If you are lucky enough to live near a lake or river area, you can probably rent a canoe or kayak.


Hit the links! Golf isn't just a man's game. Book a tee time this weekend and grab your girlfriends for a round of golf. You can have fun in the sun, while getting a workout.

Horseback riding

If you don't think horseback riding is exercise, wait until the next day when you feel the burn in your butt and inner thighs.


Get together with co-workers to form a company softball league. Softball is great for office camaraderie, and it's a fun workout too!

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