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Kids not ready to go back to school? First day of school can be a big adjustment for your little ones. These popular books about getting ready for school can help your children get excited and give them an extra boost of confidence for the big day.

Back to school books for kids

Welcome to Kindergarten by Anne Rockwell

The leap from preschool to kindergarten can make even the most confident kids a little anxious. Learn about all the fun things awaiting you in your kindergarten classroom when you visit the classroom of Mrs. Jardin at the school on Sunrise Street.

Curious George’s First Day of School by Margaret and H.A. Rey

It’s Curious George’s first day of school! Join him as he learns to be a big helper at story time, math time, recess and lunch. But when George tries to help during art class, things get a little messy. Will George be able to clean up the mess he made before he causes even more trouble?

Splat the CatI Am Too Absolutely Small for School by Lauren Child

When Lola’s parents tell her that she is almost big enough to start school, Lola is not so sure. Lola has all kinds of good reasons why she doesn’t need to go to school like, “I probably do not have time to go to school. I am too extremely busy doing important things at home.” But when Lola finally agrees to go, she discovers that school is much more fun than she expected.

Jessica by Kevin Henkes

Ruthie Simms doesn't have a dog, cat, brother or sister -- but her imaginary friend Jessica is the next best thing. When it’s time for Ruthie to go to kindergarten, her parents try to convince her to leave Jessica at home but Jessica goes anyway. What surprises will await Ruthie and Jessica at kindergarten?

Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton

It's Splat the Cat's first day of school and he's so worried he hangs onto his bedpost when his mom tries to get him out of bed. For a little boost of confidence, Splat brings along his pet mouse Seymour in his lunch box. But when Splat finds out that cats chase mice, things get a little wonky. Join Splat on a fun adventure that kids and adults alike will love.

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