Happy Up In These Little Ways

8 Little things that will make you smile

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Are you looking for a quick pick-me-up? These little mood-boosters will get you happy in no time at all.

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Animal videos

Animals are cute, funny and almost guaranteed to make you smile. Look for endearing YouTube videos of animals just being themselves. The U-Zoo YouTube channel is chock full of really adorable clips of the sweetest and most interesting animals ever! They are all nice and short, which can guarantee a minute or two of smiles.

Phone a friend

With cell phones and email, it’s so much easier to just shoot off 100 characters to check in with a friend or a relative, but phoning and talking can really lift your spirits. Chat with your best friend, say hello to your mom and dad or reconnect with an old co-worker.

Watch an old favorite

Watch an old episode of your favorite TV show, or a much-loved movie. Check Netflix or Hulu, or even some networks have episodes archived on their sites. Relive fave characters and storylines.

Watch a sunset

Make plans to watch the sunset from a scenic place in your town. Go alone, or invite a special friend, your child or another family member to enjoy the moment with you.

Take a picture

Grab your camera (or phone) and go on a mission to try to find something unusual to photograph. Think big, but also think small -- it can be fun to photograph something on a smaller perspective.

Paint your nails

Fingers or toes -- dress them up! Pick a pretty springtime pastel color in blue, purple or pink -- or go bold with bright hues and glitter. Make it a date with a daughter or a friend and double your fun.

Do a craft

Get out your scissors, crayons, construction paper and glue. You’re going to art class! Make a card for a friend or highlight something that you’re currently enamored with by cutting pictures out of a magazine, gluing it together and framing it. Think of it as Pinterest for real life.

Have some chocolate

Just a piece or two of chocolate (or another favorite treat) will have you on the happy train in no time. Keep a small stash on hand -- not for indulging on a regular basis, but for small pick-me-ups when you need them.

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