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Get a flat belly faster when you fuel up on these slim-down foods that boost your metabolism, speed weight loss and taste amazing, too!

Flat belly foods


Grab a tip from Ben Franklin and switch to healthy oatmeal for breakfast. Not only is oatmeal a fabulous high-fiber food, it has actually been proven to speed weight loss. The complex carbs in oatmeal, paired with its high fiber content, will keep you full for longer and even give you that extra blast of energy you need for working out. Want to mix things up a bit? Top your oatmeal with some delicious fresh berries, dried fruits or toasted pecans for variety.


Java lovers, rejoice! Coffee boosts your metabolism by 15 percent for up to 4 hours after you enjoy each delicious cup. It’s also a great appetite suppressant, helping to reduce cravings between meals. Just make sure to ditch the fancy syrups, sugar and cream in your coffee to keep it low-cal and diet friendly.


With 92 percent water in this sweet treat, you don’t have to feel bad when you reach for a second helping. Not only is watermelon delicious, it is a great source of the amino acid arginine—which has been linked to weight loss and decreased body fat. Watermelon tastes great all by itself, but you can also try it in smoothies, slushies, soups and salads.


Nuts are a powerhouse weight loss snack, but almonds are number one on the list. Packed full of fiber, omega 3 fatty acids and protein, almonds can help you shed unwanted pounds. Just make sure to go for the raw, unsalted variety for the best weight loss results.


Are you a salsa addict? Now you can eat yourself skinny with all your favorite foods. Hot and spicy chiles contain a compound called capsaicin. Capsaicin not only gives peppers their awesome fiery zing, it has been shown to increase metabolism and even curb your appetite. Try our recipe for homemade spicy salsa with fresh veggies for a flat belly snack you’re whole family will enjoy.


Though high in calories, avocados are an excellent slimming food because they are high in monounsaturated fats, which can help to lower blood cholesterol and prevent weight gain. Chock full of nutrients like vitamins C, E, B6, iron, magnesium, folate, potassium and antioxidants, avocados are worth their weight in nutrition gold. They also have an extra weight loss ingredient called mannoheptulose, which has been found to lower insulin secretion and control blood sugar. Next time you have a sandwich, add a creamy slice of avocado for a slimming, healthy treat.

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