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What is foot zoning?

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Can massaging pressure points on the feet actually create healing in the body? Learn more about how foot zoning works to bring the body back into balance and good health.

Foot Zoning

A map of the body

Similar to reflexology, foot zoning uses massage on specific pressure points of the feet to affect healing in corresponding parts of the body. The foot itself is seen as a map of the body — each zone of the foot being linked energetically to a specific zone of the body. For example, the toes correspond to the sinus meridian. If a patient is having sinus problems, a foot zone therapist will massage the toes in a specific manner to release the blocked energy and stimulate healing of the sinuses.


A typical foot zone appointment may begin with a detoxifying ionic foot bath. The patient places his feet into a small tub which has been filled with warm salt water and an electrical current. You will feel a mild, tingling sensation as the current passes through the water. You may notice that over the next 20-30 minutes, the water will turn a brownish color. This happens as toxins are released into the water, helping to bring the body’s overall pH back into balance and harmony.

Essential oils and energy work

Next, your foot zone therapist will choose essential oils to aid with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Using a blend of essential oils and massage oil, the therapist will begin to zone your feet, one at a time.

There is a specific pattern in which the feet are zoned, corresponding to the energy meridians in the body. In places where the energy is blocked, the patient may feel pain, while the therapist can feel the formation of uric acid crystals in that region of the foot. Gently working the area can help to open the block, release the trapped energy and initiate the healing process.

Benefits of foot zoning

After a foot zone, you may feel energized, relaxed or even tired. Energy work can affect the body in different ways, so don’t plan a foot zone right before a big presentation at work. Just like after a deep tissue massage, it is important to drink plenty of water to aid the body’s release of waste and toxins. In the next day or two, you will notice the wonderful benefits of your zone.

Patients have reported impressive and wide-ranging benefits including improved sleep, decreased pain, increased circulation, weight loss, improved immune system, improved mood, faster recovery from illness, relaxation and increased energy, among others. Foot zoning can also be used to improve overall wellness, as it opens the channels of energy in the body and actuates healing on a cellular level.

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