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5 Ways journaling changes your life

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Skip the chocolate binge! It turns out that a two dollar, zero-calorie journal could be what you need to promote emotional health. We've got five reasons you should start journaling today!

Benefits of Journaling


When we sit down to write, we are forced to focus on the subject matter and shut out distractions. Journaling enables us to focus on something very important — ourselves! Taking time each day to sit and collect your thoughts brings the important things into focus in an otherwise scattered and distracted world.


Giving expression to concerns about difficult decisions or events can give you greater clarity. When you don't know what you feel or why, emotions can be confusing and keep you from making healthy decisions. There's a good reason pro/con lists are a popular decision-making tool. Seeing your thoughts in ink gives them the weight needed to tip scales.


Empower yourself by noticing, and validating, your experiences. What you feel and think are hugely important. Those thoughts and feelings power decisions you make all day long. Your subconscious is fertile soil from which your actions sprout. Tending the soil is the best way to produce healthy life.


When you really examine your day, you might recognize habits you'd like to change. Just the act of noticing the behavior is an excellent way to change it. Writing about bad habits will cause you to recognize them more quickly through the day, until you're finally able to catch yourself before you transgress. Just begin by noticing.


There are few things in life more encouraging than flipping open to last year's journal entries and noting all the ways you have grown. Keeping track of your trials and triumphs would certainly be encouraging to future generations, but also to the future you. The hurdles you face today may seem insurmountable, but five years from now, they will likely just be faint memories. Give yourself the pleasure of celebrating all that you've overcome as you record your experience in the overcoming.

Journaling is a cheap, easy, healthy way to tune in and cause yourself to become more mindful. There's something so soothing about putting a sharp pencil to a blank page — and there's something beautiful in today. Make sure you don't forget it!

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Sarah Kovac
Sarah Kovac travels the country as an inspirational speaker and is author of the book, In Capable Arms: Living a Life Embraced by Grace. She gladly shares her experiences as a mother with a disability on her website at sarahkovac.com and loves seeing others encouraged. Sarah and her family live just outside of Kansas City, MO.

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