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4 Creativity boosters

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If your creativity needs a boost, check out these four tips to help get your right brain firing on all cylinders.

Boost Your Creativity

Are you a creative type? Do you write, play music, draw, craft, sew, scrapbook or do anything else that requires your right brain? Even if you don’t, you might wish you were more creative… many of us do. Whether you’re already knee-deep in creativity or just wanting to start something new, these tips will help you get the most creative thinking out of your brain.

Get tired (or tipsy)

So many creative types are known for keeping strange hours. Did you ever meet a musician who isn’t a night owl? When you picture a novelist at work, is there a glass of wine on her desk? Turns out there’s a good reason. This article from Wired dissects a study on creativity. Turns out that the sleepy or drunk mind is more willing to break out of the usual trains of thought to chase down random ones, which can lead you to think thoughts you would never have thought otherwise.

Move your feet

Every artist hits a wall at some point. Whether it’s a case of writer’s block or you can’t decide what to sketch next, just stop. Step away from the computer/easel/music stand, and forget about it for a while. Go for a walk or rough house with your kids. Change your scenery a bit and get some blood flowing. Giving your mind a break can boost your creativity back to normal levels.

Fake it

Writers have to do this fairly often: just fake it. Write even when what you’re writing is terrible. Know that you can always edit your work later, or scrap it completely. Pushing through your creativity block may leave you with a few good ideas to keep, and it feels much better than giving up on your project. The first draft doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be written.

Sleep it off

Your brain works on problems as you sleep, so if you just can’t overcome your creativity block, take a nap (and consider whether you should be getting more sleep on a nightly basis). REM sleep actually enhances creative problem-solving, according to research. So if you can’t push through the block, you have permission to give up and take a nap instead. Let your subconscious help you out.

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Sarah Kovac
Sarah Kovac travels the country as an inspirational speaker and is author of the book, In Capable Arms: Living a Life Embraced by Grace. She gladly shares her experiences as a mother with a disability on her website at and loves seeing others encouraged. Sarah and her family live just outside of Kansas City, MO.

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