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How to practice mindfulness every day

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Take charge of your own happiness and inner life with simple steps to practice mindfulness every day.

Ways to practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is a popular buzzword these days as people strive to reduce daily stressors and make the most of each and every moment of their lives — but what does it really mean to be mindful?

Being mindful is the opposite of being heedless. When you are in a state of mindfulness, you are conscious and alert. You are aware of the forces (both positive and negative) in the world around you and instead of allowing them to pull you into their sway, you make your own decisions and direct your own inner life.

Tests as a path to self-improvement

Ever feel like the world is using you as its personal punching bag? You aren’t alone. Life contains many strenuous challenges and sometimes the stress of it all feels like it will crush you. The truth about this material world is that it was designed to test and challenge you. Inside of each test is an opportunity to learn. Instead of allowing yourself to be handicapped by difficult situations, use them as a path to self-improvement. As we adapt ourselves, we grow stronger, happier and more self-aware.

See the inner light

People are not perfect. We are hopelessly flawed. Regardless of our shortcomings, however, we all have good qualities and love to give. Instead of focusing on how people fail and frustrate you, try to see past their shortcomings and become aware of their inner gifts. You may be surprised at the unexpected and rewarding friendships you will find.

Be still, think deeply

With the barrage of information that comes at us each day through the internet, Faceboook, Twitter, blogs, texts, emails and numerous other media outlets, it is easy to get swept away. You can easily find yourself on a roller coaster of emotion simply while reading your Facebook newsfeed. Sometimes it’s hard to separate ourselves from what’s going on around us, but if we want to be truly mindful we have to think critically about the world around us. Don’t repost that angry rant against ‘haters,’ instead take a moment to be still and think deeply. Don’t get swept into a cloud of negative energy, instead show your difference by being a shining light of positivity and awareness.

We are connected

Advances in the field of quantum physics continues to show how separation is really an illusion and that all matter and energy are connected. Consciously acknowledging this in your daily life can take you to new levels of spiritual insight and help you to love yourself and the world more deeply. Take time each day to meditate, pray or connect with your higher self in whatever faith tradition you feel comfortable. The door of spiritual wisdom is open to anyone who is ready to open their heart and listen.

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